Milestone discussion from January Meeting

Jan 27, 2012

CI 2:  SULIS Strategies and Milestones and Activities   CI Strategy 2: Community modeling framework: Part of the strategy for supporting three prototype simulation experiments is to develop and host a shared, distributed, functional “reference implementation” of models, data & tools that support the mission of NG-CHC.   Benefits:  

(1) Enables multi-disciplinary collabor and provides management context and motivation for the R&D in Coastal Hazards

Coastal data factory: a web-based platform for coastal data sharing

Jan 26, 2012

Coastal data factory is a web-based tools that enable users to retrieve/visualize/analyze real-time observational coastal data from multiple online sources. Two major components are available as of January 25, 2012: (1) web-based GUI (graphical user interface); and (2) coastal data factory SDK (software development toolkit).
(1) Web-based GUI:  
 URL:  log in with:  ngchc (username)   ngchctiger (password)    

Highly Adaptable, Deployable and Standards-based Information Catalog and Visualization Tools

Jan 24, 2012

ITSC/UAH has developed a highly adaptable information catalog that is also deployable within collaborative environments.  The catalog provides users with the ability to search, browse, and discover the information at different levels of granularity (Collection and Data Granule).   Furthermore, automated standard based publication of catalog entries allows for existing community tools to search, discover, and eventually consume the information.   ITSC/UAH has also developed a deployable visualization tool that consumes the catalog information.  Both the catalog and the related tools are comp

ASGS: CERA (Coastal Emergency Risks Assessment) - interactive web interface for storm surge guidance

Jan 19, 2012

The project’s goal is the development and maintenance of an interactive and dynamic web interface (CERA = Coastal Emergency Risks Assessment), providing operational advisory services related to impending hurricane events.

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