storm archive for MS and AL

Feb 03, 2012

Please see a list of potential storm runs for MS and AL and give feedback what storm are valuable for the MS/AL ASGS storm archive:
Hurricane Isidore 2002
Hurricane Lili 2002
Hurricane Ivan 2004
Tropical Storm Arlene 2005
Hurricane Katrina 2005
Hurricane Rita 2005
Hurricane Humberto 2007
Hurricane Gustav 2008
Tropical Storm Ida 2009
Tropical Depression Five 2010

ADCIRC grid for ASGS MS and AL

Feb 02, 2012 - Comments:2

I contacted Rick Luettich (UNC), Casey Dietrich (RENCI UNC), and Bret Webb (University of South Alabama) with regard to an ADCIRC grid which can be used for the ASGS expansion to MS and AL. The preferred grid would be the SL18 grid. However, since the SL18 mesh is nearly identical to SL16 in southeastern Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama and the improvements in SL18 are all in western Louisiana, from the Atchafalaya River basin to the Texas border we have agreed to go with the SL16 grid.  This grid was used in the oil spill modeling work.

Activities for ASGS (CI 2) from the January meeting

Feb 02, 2012

CI 2:  ASGS Milestones and Activities as discussed in the Januaery retreat meeting
1) The ASGS will be expanded to MS and AL. The CERA website will provide an interface for the regions of MS/AL.
2) ADCIRC test runs will be performed using historical storm data. We need to decide which storm should be included in the historical storm archive.
3) An automated workflow will be developed similar to the LA system for operational mode during the hurricane season 2012.

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